An Anarchist Life in Art & Verse
This site is a celebration of the life and artistry of Brian Edward Gianelli.
Brian was born in Prescott, Arizona on March 2, 1979 and returned to the spirit form on December 29, 2004. His great passions were music, art, skateboarding and the deep friendships he had with so many.

He wrote the lyrics and music for more than 200 songs in his brief 25 years. His lyrics expressed his anarchist belief that big government and big industry oppress the populace for greed and power and that humankind, if ungoverned, would reach equalibrium.

As the site develops, it will include more images of his artwork, audio files of his music, video from his concerts and adventures, exerpts from "The Anarchist's Book of Verse" and insight into the deeper meaning behind his lyrics. He wrote music and lyrics for and recorded with Bueno, All Autonomy, Slow Motion Wilderness, Atom Orbit Semblance and others.
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