BRIAN GIANELLI'S PAINTING AND SKETCHES: Brian began sketching cartoon figures when he was in grade school, and began painting early in high school. His works closely aligned with the beliefs and emotions he was expessing in his music and lyrics at the time, and the joys and challenges he was experiencing in his life.
Giclee prints of these paintings, on paper or canvas, are available in various sizes. Sale of the prints benefit the Brian Gianelli Memorial Scholarship for artists in all disciplines. Limited one-time use for commercial purposes is also available. For information, contact Charlotte Keller by e-mail:

From Brian Gianelli’s journal
Art is honesty
The proof that we are free
The projection of the self
Why I get up in the morning
Why I can’t sleep at night
The articulation of perception
The organism of the human spirit
Creation in creation of itself
Periless, powerless and vulnerable
The expression of being human
The crucifixion of definition
All of nature is resurrection (Voltaire)
Death is just a turning over of soil
So new things can grow
I want to join that reinvention
I want to be that anarchism
I want to lose these words and my language
And live only through movement
We are just brevity that blows against the wind
These mountains watched us being born
And they’ll see the last one of us die
I smile sometimes, it’s not fatalistic
I smile when I think about stone.
I want to die to a thousand new moments
I want to be born again and again
Once is not enough
I want to bury my idea of god
And grow a garden on top of his plot

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